Patches, Fixes and New features

6/02/2020 - February patch: PC:

All my mods are compatible with this patch and do not require updating. 

20/01/2020 - January patch: PC:

All my events mods have been updated:

- Movie Evening

- Vampire Initiation

- Bloody Party


Besides, I had to make small tuning to following mods as patch changed them a bit, so I also recommend to download them again:

- Rejection Letter from University

- Genius and A-grader Teens can apply to University

*Small tip, if you download updated mod, but you still see old version, please try to clear cache & cookies and refresh site. If this doesn't help, please try to use different browser. 

27/12/19 - December patch: PC

I confirm all my mods are compatible with this patch and do not need updating.


25/11 Hot Fix -

This was just a small fix patch, so all my mods are still compatible.

14/11 November Patch (PC 

Updated mods:

Video Station Interactions Add Followers

Event: Vampire Initiation Ritual - however this is just small update not related to patch

Apart from these 2, all my other mods are tested with this patch and are still compatible.

4/10 October Patch (10/3/2019 - PC

I very briefly checked my mods for the newest patch. All of them seem to work fine. Unfortunately I don't have time currently to test it out thoroughly. But it was very small patch and shouldn't affect files. Still, if you notice that something doesn't work, please let me know :)

22/09 September hot fix update

Also all my mods are still compatible with patch 17/09/2019 - PC

7/09 September patch information ​

All my mods are checked for September patch (9/5/2019 - PC

Movie Evening Event and all my Aspirations are still compatible with the newest patch and do not require any updates at the moment.

Sims Traits Pack for Cats & Dogs - Store traits add on required updating. Apart from this mod works fine with newest patch. If you use store add on - please re-download the mod to have updated version.


9/09 Fix for Perfectly Balanced

I had to update Perfectly Balanced aspiration again with fix for Meditation task. I thought I managed to fix it last time but unfortunately it was working only when Sims were quitting interaction on their own. Sorry for this, I really hope there are no more bugs ;]


9/08 All Aspiration Mods Updated

While playing game I discovered that the system of task completion was changed. It was probably changed with the recent patch. It didn't cause any last exception errors for my mods. But because of this change in game, task completion started to work differently for any custom aspiration.

Maybe you noticed that suddenly a task for custom aspiration could be completed even when you didn't use this particular aspiration? This was this - game was counting all actions that your Sim performed through their life. So for example if you ever watched karaoke - once you added my Voice Virtuoso aspiration - this task was automatically completed for you. What's more - it was possible to complete entire aspiration without even starting it...

Now I corrected this. All my mods have been updated to the new system and patch and you can re-download them.

If you still find out some bugs - please report to me.

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