About Me

Hello everyone! Sul Sul!

I am IlkaVelle and creating mods for Sims 4 is my hobby for already some time now. 

Of course all started from my strong sentiments for Sims game in general. I play Sims from first iteration. When I discovered modding world, I really wanted to add something from myself.

I focus on gameplay mods for Sims 4. I try to create content that is missing in already released packs. I wish I had just more time to carry out all the projects I have in mind :D

I do mods because I like it, simply as it is. I am happy that I can share it with others. And I am all the time learning something new thanks to this, things I never expected before I could ever do - like starting to learn programming languages. I treat my Sims adventure a bit like a personal quest. What will be in the end of this journey? I don't know, but it's fun to discover :)

If you would like to support me, you can join my Patreon. But don't worry if you can't, each of my mods will be available here for free to all after 2 weeks from Patreon release. 

I hope you'll enjoy my mods.

Happy simming!