How to translate the mod

If you want to translate any of my mods to another language, you can check this tutorial. But there are also other methods, so if you found other tutorials out there, choose the method you prefer best.

(By the way, I learnt this method from Scarlet, before I was using TS4 STBL Editor which was definitely longer ;) )

You can check all already available translations here. 

1. If you didn’t do it yet, install Sims 4 Studio (S4S).

2. Download my mod you want to translate and open .package format file in Sims 4 Studio. 

3. When the mod is opened in S4S, look for String Table file, find your language. Click on this language and then go to Data tab on the right side, as you can see on the screen shot below.


4. Now when you are in Data, click on Edit Items button (on the screenshot Polish version: Edytuj elementy).


5. Now you are ready to translate the text :) Choose the text on left side. On the right side, in the value field, replace it with your translation, as you can see below. When you finish translating all entries, click Save button. (You can save it of course also earlier if you want.)

*Important: Do not change anything in the Key field, this would cause that the text stops appearing in the game.


6. Save also the package, so you don't loose your translation: 


7. Important tips:

- Do not translate text in brackets like those, e.g. {0.Number}, {0.SimName}. This text will be change automatically in game to proper value. If you change it - it will not appear in game, or will appear incorrectly.

- If you need to adjust the text to female or male form - use this : {M0.he}{F0.she}, and change the text he/she for words you need. Eg. to adjust actor job for both genders you can write: {}{F0.actress} OR act{M0.or}{F0.ress}. Both ways will work.

8. Once you finished, send me the package with translation to my mailbox:

(If you don’t want to install Sims 4 Studio or the method is not working for you for some reason, just send me message on Twitter, via Contact form or directly via email – I will then send you the English text in .txt format for translation).