Mod not working

If you encounter issues with the mod, read first below tips and step to troubleshoot the problem:


If Mods don't show up in game or work partially:

1. Enabling mods in the game

First, make sure you enabled the mods in the game settings. To do so, follow instruction described in How to install mods section.

Remember that mods get disabled with each game patch and need to be switched back on.


2. Check path of installation

All mods should be placed in the folder: Users\(Current User Account)\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4\Mods\

Sometimes for better organization, you create some subfolders in the Mods folder. If you do this, make sure you have placed files with format .package and .ts4script only one folder deep in the Mods folder, not deeper. Anything that will be placed deeper might not be recognized by the game! So this can be the reason why the mod is not working, not showing up, or working only partially.


3. Check if you have the newest version of the mod

Sims 4 game is patched quite frequently. Each patch can affect mods, so creators should check if their mods are still compatible with newest patch, and if not update them.

I always provide update on my mods in Update Notes section, and also within description of each mod.


4. Do not change original name of the mods

Changing name can also cause that game will not recognize the mod.


5. Check if my mod can conflict with other mod

Take out all the mods from your game (copy them temporarily to other location and delete from location Documents\Electronic Arts\Sims 4\Mods).

Put only my mod in the game.

If you see my mod in game and it works correctly, it means another mod you normally use is conflicting with mine. Try 50/50 method to identify the conflicting mod.

6. Delete cache files

Sims 4, like other games, has cache folder/files where temporary data is stored. If cache data is corrupt, this can cause issues with game and mods.

1) To delete cache files go to:

C:\Users\*User name*\Documents\Electronic Arts\Sims 4

2) Delete following files/folders:

  • localthumbcache.package

  • cache

3) Start the game and check if issue persists.



7. Repair/ reinstall the game

If steps above did not work, it’s also possible that your Sims copy did not install correctly and this is causing issues in game.

To do repair and reinstall the game:

  1. Launch Origin

  2. Select The Sims 4 game, left-click on settings button (as below on screenshot) and select “Repair”  (or right-click on The Sims 4 game and also select “Repair”)

If you have error in game:


8. Last exceptions files (LE)

Exception files are located in the Sims 4 Documents folder (\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4). These files contains the description of the error. If you find exception file after launching the game, it means that most probably you have outdated mod, or (less likely, but still possible) the game after patch is buggy and can also itself produce errors.

  • If you play without mods, then for sure it’s the second option. You can try to Repair the game. If this doesn’t help, report the bug here.

  • If you play with mods, you can identify which one is causing LE by 50/50 method (described below)

  • If it’s my mod causing LE – please send me the LE file you get.

9. How to find problematic or outdated mod? (50/50 method)

If you performed all the steps above and still something is not working, this probably means that one of the mods you use, is outdated and should be removed from the game until its creator updates it.

The best and probably the quickest way to find problematic mod is method 50/50.

  • Copy the folder Mods (path: C:\Users\*User name*\Documents\Electronic Arts\Sims 4\Mods) to another location – to have backup.

  • Then remove 50% of your mods from the game (remove them from folder Mods).

  • Launch the game. If you don’t have the issue anymore – it means broken mod is in the second half.

  • So now you will be checking the second half. Again, split it into 2 parts and put in the game only 50% of this second half. Launch the game. Check if issue persist. If yes – it means the broken mod is within the mods you added in this turn.

  • You can repeat those steps with checking “halfs” until you manage to identify the broken mod.

If you identified that it is my mod causing issues, conflict etc - please let me know :) I'll try to check this as soon as I can :)