Conflicts – what does it mean and why it is important?

Sometimes my mods are overriding some game files – I always list all the files that are overwritten by my mod, under Conflicts section.

Consequently, my mod can conflict with mods that override the same files (or that modify the same area, it’s sometimes also possible). Conflict will mean that one of the mods will simply not work (mine mod, or the other one), or some part of it will not work. But if you have such a situation, please let me know, I'll try then to make my mod compatible with the other mod :)


Languages – what are the language versions? Why there is mix of Polish and English in some screenshots?

I am always making my mods in 2 language versions: English and my native language Polish.

Sometimes in the screenshots from my game, you can see mix of both, so some text is in Polish and some in English.

It's because I play Sims 4 Polish version. And for my mods I also use text from game whenever it's possible. Usually I do screenshots before I translate to Polish and all text I wrote is in English. But still in-game text is appearing in Polish because of Polish version of game. Hence the mix. Another example: if you are using for instance Spanish version of the game, you will see my text in English and text already existing in game will appear in Spanish. If you play English version, all text will be in English. And if you play Polish, all will be in Polish (because I add later the translation).


Contact methods

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