In this section you will find some tutorials or answers to common questions. 

For particular topics check below sections, or contact me via Contact Form if you didn't find answers to your questions, want to report a bug, or request a new mod.

1. How to install mods

2. How to translate mods

3. Mod is not working (if you have problems with my mods in the game, check this section for troubleshooting steps first)

4. FAQ - for various commonly asked questions 

Contact Form

You can use this contact form to:

- Report a bug

- Send feedback or suggestion to existing mod

- Send a suggestion for a new mod

I'll fix a bug as soon as I can. As for suggestions, I will always appreciate and consider any feedback, and see how it can be added to my mod. But please be patient and understanding, as I can work on mods only during my free time, outside of my regular work.

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Terms of Use

You are free to share the link to my uploads, giving appropriate credit (creator name and link to original source).

You can modify my mods only for personal usage. You may not distribute the modified files.

Do not upload my Mods on other sites and do not use them for commercial purposes.

Do not include my contents in any other uploads or claim as your own.

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