20/01/2020 - All my events mods have been checked and, if needed, updated for newest patch. For more details check Updates Notes section.

About Me...



Hello everyone! Sul Sul!

I am IlkaVelle and creating mods for Sims 4 is my hobby for already some time now. 

Of course all started from my strong sentiments for Sims game in general. I play Sims from first iteration. When I discovered modding world, I really wanted to add something from myself.

I focus on gameplay mods for Sims 4. I try to create content that is missing in already released packs. I wish I had just more time to carry out all the projects I have in mind :D

I do mods because I like it, simply as it is. I am happy that I can share it with others. And I am all the time learning something new thanks to this, things I never expected before I could ever do - like starting to learn programming languages. I treat my Sims adventure a bit like a personal quest. What will be in the end of this journey? I don't know, but it's fun to discover :)

I hope you'll enjoy my mods.

Happy simming!



All my Mods were created using Sims4Studio.

I would like to credit and thank also to:

Brittpinkie - who was very supportive and helped me a lot with my first mod (I wish she returns to modding!)

Scumbumbo - who wrote injector scripts and shared them with modders community

Kimiko Soma and Maiagame for their great French translations for Sims community!

arkadiuszszesz@gmail.com - for creating for me wonderful logo!


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Terms of Use

You are free to share the link to my uploads, giving appropriate credit (creator name and link to original source).

You can modify my mods only for personal usage. You may not distribute the modified files.

Do not upload my Mods on other sites and do not use them for commercial purposes.

Do not include my contents in any other uploads or claim as your own.

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