Teen Aspirations Bundle

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4 new aspirations are available for your Teens and all 4 are base game compatible. There are also add-ons for other packs (additional objectives appear with add-ons).

Please read tips below for some objectives.


I wanted to make those aspirations available only for teens so I created new version of this mod, where aspirations are unlockable only for teens. To unlock aspiration, buy Aspiration Cube from Buy mode (it is a copy of Future Cube). When you click it, you can either draw and unlock a random aspiration, or you can unlock all aspirations at once.

I changed also tuning for objective completion. Most of them can't be now completed by adults. So if you don't complete aspiration as a teen, you won't be able to do it later but aspiration will not disappear.

For those of you who want to have all aspirations available as before, I left the old version as well. There is no Aspiration Cube and all aspirations are normally available from CAS.


1. Have Your Own Clique

  • Have 3 Teens Friends

  • Achieve Level 3 Charisma Skill

  • Be Leader of the Club - available with Add-on for Get Together

  • Buy Club Perk - available with Add-on for Get Together

2. Move Up The Social Ladder

  • Go on a Date

  • Update Social Media Status - works with base game and with interactions from City Living

  • Earn Gold on 2 Thrown Parties

3. Get Prom Crown

  • Have 1000 Followers

  • Have Popular Boyfriend or Girlfriend - Popular meaning who has trait from completing Popularity aspirations (Gregarious, Hilarious, Natural leader, Legendary or Perfect host), or who has any Fame rank from Get Famous. Remember you can always cheat with codes, or other mods to give those traits to other Sims for story telling ;)

  • Earn Gold on School Prom - you need to have at least 1 of below mods:

Prom by Brittpinkie

Prom by KawaiiStacie

Reward Trait: Prom Queen/King - gives boost in social skills


1. Bookworm

  • Practice Music for 3 Hours

  • Finish Reading 3 Books

  • Finish Homework 3 Times while Focused

  • Complete School Project at least with Good Quality - available with Add-on for Parenthood

2. Genius or No-Life

  • Achieve Level 2 in 10 Skills

  • Achieve a Grade of "A" at School

  • Get Extra Credit from Homework

  • Practice Debate for 5 Hours - available with Add-on for University

3. Simply The Best

  • Achieve Level 5 in 5 Skills

  • Practice Writing for 3 Hours

  • Take Part in Volunteering Event - available with Add-on for Parenthood

  • Get Accepted for Distinguished Degree at University - available with Add-on for University

Reward Trait: Overachiever - gives bonus to work performance and skills learning.


1. First step is the hardest

  • Achieve Level 5 Cooking Skill

  • Clean up

  • Start Odd Job - available with Add-on for Island Living

2. Spreading the wings

  • Start Part-Time Job

  • Earn Your First 1000 Simoleons

  • Repair or Upgrade an Object

3. Freedom, I'm coming!

  • Reach the Top of Part-time Job

  • Qualify For Responsible Trait - available with Add-on for Parenthood; if this task doesn't complete after qualifying for responsible trait - save game and go to world view. After launching back game, this objective should be completed/update status.

  • Move Out And Start To Live On Your Own - use phone or computer interaction

Reward Trait: Independent Teen - bonus to learn Homestyle cooking and Handiness, and daily grant - 3% of household funds while being Teen and Young Adult.


1. You Can't Make Me

  • Demand Independence

  • Argue With Parents - Argue or Yell at parents

  • Don't Go To School 3 Times - Leave school day and remember to answer the phone when Principal calls you! If you don't pick up the phone, the task won't complete.

2. Experimenting Stage

  • Get Lower Grades

  • Experiment with alcohol and stimulants during Event- start any social event and perform drinking interaction or you can also use drug or smoking interactions from mods by Basemental and by Necrodog.

  • Whine About Unfair Life To 5 Different Sims - available with Add-on for Parenthood

  • Swear 10 Times - available with Add-on for Parenthood

3. Rebel With A Cause

  • Sabotage Objects

  • Express Yourself in Graffiti or Emotional Painting - if you have City Living, you can paint wall or floor graffiti, if you don't have this pack, you can paint any emotional painting, e.g. while being angry.

  • Be disliked by 1 Sim

Reward Trait: Rebel With a Cause - unlocks interactions for swiping objects, hacking performance via computer and (applicable for City Living) protesting against the world.

Conflicts: This mod doesn't override existing files so should not conflict with other Sims 4 mods.




Russian (Annie Hugss)

Chinese (Tina)

German (lunasaphira)

Portuguese (qlaqercoixsa)

Dutch (Kimberley)

Spanish (by Nerea Lasa)


by Kimiko Soma

by MaiaGame


Google Drive


+ required Event for Prom Queen/King Aspiration:

Brittpinkie Prom Event Mod (updated) : DOWNLOAD (SFS)

The link above directs to Konansock's SimFileShare (RexEdogawa), as since he has returned to modding and to updating Britt's mods, I don't need to do this anymore ;)

This mod is free, but if you want to support my work, you can become my Patreon.


Check here if this mod is compatible with newest patch.

Change log:

07/06/2022 - updated English strings for pronouns update

17/04/2022 - fix for objective to Volunteer (Overachiever aspiration)

09/10/2020 - you can now complete objective Earn Gold on School Prom with Prom event from Memorable events mod by KawaiiStacie

06/09/2020 - added object Aspiration cube with unlocking aspirations.

08/05/2020 - Chinese added

15.03.2020 - version 1.1.: Rebellion aspiration

- task "Argue with Parents will now also complete with interaction "Yell"

- Experiment with alcohol and stimulants during Event - I improved compatibility with Basemental mod, now smoking and taking pills should also complete the task.

- Russian translation added

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