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This mod adds to Sims 4 Vampires game pack the possibility to become Vampire Slayer and kill vampires - with a special trait Vampire Slayer.

New version released: 3.0

Check details below in description

Requires The Sims 4 Base Game and Vampires Game Pack!

What this trait gives to your Sim?

Better stamina than in case of normal Sims - your Sim energy and hunger will decrease more slowly

More strength - as Vampires can have 3 Strength Ranks (via perks), I "armed" Vampire Slayers also with improved strength. There is only 1 level of it, but still it helps your Slayer to win fights more often and work out more efficiently.

Faster learning fitness and vampire lore - well, of course :)

Feeling when a vampire is nearby - when your Sim is close to vampire, special aura will appear around her/him and a buff will come up.

There are no restrictions for vampires, or other occult sims to have this trait. Also, there can be relationship between Slayer and Vampire. I based this trait on few inspirational sources from movies, literature etc. and I wanted to create something for storytelling, and not to limit ourselves :)

And finally Vampire Slayer can use

New interactions and new objects :

Mean interactions - fighting:

- Kill with Holy Water

- Kill with Wooden Stake

- Kill with Electrical Impulse

- Fight using Dagger

You need to have corresponding object in Sim inventory to use those interactions.


- Prepare Holy Water - available at each bar, you'll need garlic and wolfsbane

- Cut Wooden Stake - available at woodworking table

- Make weapon for vampires (to make electrolaser) - available at robotics station, you'll need to have Level 5 of Robotics - *This one will work only if you have Discover University

- Purchase weapon for vampires - available via computer, you can buy a Dagger and Electrolaser (here no need for Discover University)

When trying to kill a vampire - your Sim can also lose. The result of the fight depends on fitness skill of both, Slayer and Vampire, on their mood, on Vampire powers. I suggest that your Sim drinks Vampire Resistance Cocktail to boost significantly the chances of winning. If you have Discover University, you can build robotic arm and it also will help to win.

For now I didn't create a scenario where Vampire Slayer could die during the fight... but with a time I want to think about an addition like this :) In general I plan to expand the mod in the future, so I am open for suggestions.

Version 2.3 – What has been added:

New skill “Vampire Slayer Experience”

There are 5 levels of it. Experience grows with each fight. You will get first experience points with first fight (more if you win and only little experience if you lose).


At level 5 Sim can also mentor other Vampire Slayers while they use punching bag. Also 2 new interactions are available under Friendly interactions category:

- Teach Techniques To Fight Vampires (towards other Vampire Hunters)

- Ask For Advice For Fighting Techniques (towards Vampire Slayer with Experience rank 5).

Compatibility with my “Dracula Aspiration”

When this aspiration is complete, your vampire gets trait “The Original Vampire”. Those 2 mods are now compatible. It means you can’t kill Original vampire with normal wooden stake or any other interaction. So how to kill Original? Read next point :)

How to give Original trait to other Sims without completing aspiration?

Download this mod:

It gives you possibility to cheat a bit and add any trait to any Sim at any time, also to NPCs. There are 17 versions of this mod, but doesn’t matter which one you choose – the most important is file: Add Traits In Regular Menu Mod.package, and it’s added to each version. But you still have to download this aspiration to your game to be able to use the trait. Any further explanation needed? – let me know.

White Oak Stake

You can kill Original vampire, only with this stake. To make White Oak Stake, you’ll need to get White Oak Ash (and some other ingredients). Ask witches for some. They’ll help you if they are in good mood ;)

Requirements: To have this working properly you need to have Realm of Magic and possibly also Jungle Adventure (I am not sure about the second).

Rewards for killing vampires

You can check now if there is any reward posted for killing vampire. This interaction is available under the Vampire Secrets menu.

Add-on – Fighting Other Occults

With this optional add-on you can fight also with other occults, kill them and get reward respectively (works in the same way as reward for killing vampires). You’ll need a dagger and you can fight with: Witches, Aliens, Plantsims, Sirens and even Grim Reaper.

Version 3.0 – What has been added:

Protection Ring and Hunter Resurrection - when your Sim wears it, they can't die, they will be resurrected. But to get Protection Ring it's not so easy. You can get it from witches, from ghosts or from Grip Reaper if you give them objects they require to create such powerful item.

Death of the Hunter during fight - oh righ, since you can now resurrect, you can now first die :D So be careful when you fight, if you loose it's possible that hunter is killed. And if he doesn't wear Protection Ring, that will be his last fight...

2 New aspirations: Chosen and Forbidden Love.

I won't list all objectives, but just to let you know: 

Chosen aspiration focuses on Vampire Slayer Experience and fighting with vampires and it finishes with Legacy stage, where you mark and train new hunter.

Forbidden Love - it is of course about love to a vampire. How it will end - this I leaves to you :) you can make a vampire human again, you can kill him/her or you can change your hunter to vampire if that is your wish. 

Also this aspiration can be completed by any human Sim as well, not only hunters.

Go hunting interaction - a rabbit hole interaction where your Sim goes hunting for vampires. Available only during night and it has various outcomes.

Mark new hunter with Powers - When you reach 5 level of Vampire Slayer Experience - you can choose new Hunter and mark them with powers. This interaction gives to chosen Sim Vampire Slayer Trait and all the benefits of it.

Compatibility with Necrodog weapons mod -  If you have this mod, you can now buy via computer Necrodog's crossbow, make some bolts at woodworking table and shoot vampires. 

The Original Trait for Vampires - it was already the award in my Dracula aspiration but now I added it also as CAS trait. In the future I plan to expand this trait a bit, so I'll keep it as separate file. 

Club interactions - if you have Get Together you can now make clubs where hunters fight with vampires and vice versa.

Autonomous interactions for vampires NPCs and hunters NPCs to fight with non NPCs Sims (also with death possibility). How it can happen? well autonomous interations in sims 4 does not happen too often, but giving your NPCs Sims traits like evil, jerk, putting them in agry mood or even the club creation, might help to observe this behaviour. This was just my first approach and I can try to work on it in the future.

I think I didn't forget about anything :D

Added Vampire Slayer Trait available in the Reward Store.

Remove completely your previous version before adding this one.

I also updated Dracula aspiration to be compatible with this mod. 




French thanks to MaiaGame

Russian thanks to Annie Hugss

Chinese thanks to Tina

Italian thanks to SimsPhoria and MsB0red


  • by CindySims (integrated)

  • by Enzo (do download from here)

Portuguese (Melqui Viana)

Dutch (by Blobbie Blob)

Big thanks to Simminglugubrious for recoloring the trait icon! Now it looks really good :)


This mod doesn't override existing files so should not conflict with other Sims 4 mods.



Google Drive


This mod is free, but if you want to support my work, you can become my Patreon.

Change log:

24/11/2022 - fix

14.08.2022 - English strings corrected by Mara S.

06/08/2022 - updated for July 26th patch

20/06/2022 - updated for June 14th patch

07/06/2022 - updated English strings for pronous update

25/07/2021 - update for July 20th patch

12/05/2021 - as there were issues with creating stakes on woodworking table – I created this option from the scratch (maybe this would help, I can’t guarantee, but sometimes it’s helpful).

10/03/2021 - small fixes and changes

14/11/2020 - updated for November patch

24/10/2020 - Added Vampire Slayer Trait available in the Reward Store.

05/09/2020 - update for patch + few other fixes

06/07- Version 3.0 released. Added features in description.

08/05 - Chinese added

21/02 - Version 2.3 released. Added features:

- New skill “Vampire Slayer Experience”

- Mentoring options

- Compatibility with my “Dracula Aspiration”

- White Oak Stake (to have this working properly you’ll need Realm of Magic and Jungle Adventure)

- Rewards for killing vampires

- Add-on – Fighting Other Occults (Witches, Aliens, Plantsims, Sirens, Grim Reaper).

9/02 - HOT FIX!!! Killing vampires is now possible on all lots, not only on active lot.

8/02 - added French and Russian translation and correcting typos in English text

Mod review by MaiaGame (French)

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