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Express Pride Or Disappointment

Updated: Apr 9

This is a small mod, adding 2 interactions to your game:

- Express How Proud You Are (Friendly cat.>Affection)

- Express Your Disappointment (Mean cat.>Arguments)

I was missing this a lot, there is something similar in game but not exactly this. And I simply wanted to tell my Sim kids that I am proud of them :P

My interactions can be performed by parents to child of any age. Works also for caregivers. Comes with buffs for parents and children.


  • English (by me, default)

  • Polish (by VinSim)

  • French (by Kimikosoma)

  • Spanish (by CindySims)

  • Italian (by SimsPhoria)

  • Chinese (by Mumu)

  • Russian (by Annie Hugss)

  • Portuguese (by Ana Júlia)

  • Dutch (by Kimberley)

  • Swedish (by Liba)

  • Finnish (by Maija Känsäkangas)

Conflicts: Mod is not overriding anything so should cause no conflicts. If you use any mod affecting buffs strength and length (like Emotional Inertia for The Sims 4 by roBurky) my mod will be also affected and depending on settings buffs will be longer and stronger.


For the mod to work you need also XML injector (the current version).

Change log:

24/07/2023 - update for patch 1.99.264 (18th of July, Horse Ranch)

18/03/2023 - update for March 14th patch (Infants & Growing Together) and interactions put under new sub-category

05/11/2022 - script removal

13/11/2020 - updated for November patch

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