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Join Afterschool Activities - interaction Add-on

Updated: Jan 23

It turns out that at some point interaction to Join Afterschool Activities became unavailable for children if you don't own certain packs. I am sure it was base game compatible when I first created my mod for Afterchool Activities, because I tested it back then on base game. Later on I didn't test in anymore for base game only so I didn't realize this was the case.

I created this small add-on to enable this option on the phone for children.

Install only if you don't see this option in your game already.

Requires XML injector (the current version) to work.

This mod will be needed in following mods (if you miss the option):

Afterschool Activities Bundle1

Afterschool Activities Bundle2

School Newspaper

Realistic Swimming (for swimming classes)


Change log:

22/01/2024 - I changed the Add-on enabling children to join activities, because it didn't show up for some people - I hope now it will show up always.

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