Artist Photographer Aspiration

Updated: Jun 11, 2021

This new aspiration is available in 2 versions: for Moschino Stuff Pack and for base game (or if you simply don’t want to follow freelancer career from Moschino SP, but you want to complete aspiration).

@Fabian Lance Salmon - thank you for suggestion! :)

1. Casual Snapper

  • Take photo 5 times

  • Join Freelancer Career for Fashion Photographer (in Moschino version)

  • Share Photos with 3 Different Sims

2. Promising Amateur

  • Take photo 30 times

  • Take Photo of Different Sims 10 times

  • Achieve Level 3 Photography Skill

  • Complete a Gig (in Moschino version)

3. Professional

  • Own Camera Worth at least $2000

  • Take Photos in Different Locations 10 times

  • Take Photo of Group of Sims 10 times

  • Complete a Gig 10 times (in Moschino version)

4. Artist Photographer

  • Achieve Level 5 Photography Skill

  • Take photo 50 times

  • Complete a Gig 15 times (in Moschino version)

  • Submit Photo for Magazine Cover 5 times (in Moschino version)

Reward: Photographer's Eye Trait – it will let you to sell your pics at higher prices.


  • English - by me, default

  • Polish - by me

  • French - by Maiagame and by Kimiko Soma to download from here

  • Dutch (by Kimberley)

  • Portuguese (by Anna Carolynne)

  • Spanish (by Carlota)


Check here if this mod is compatible with newest patch.






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