Broomstick Maker Career

Updated: Oct 2

Requires Realm of Magic game pack.

This is semi active career, only for wizards. You can make Brooms using woodworking table.

  • It has 3 levels, you need to produce and sell certain amount of Brooms, and achieve some magic level to be promoted.

  • On the 1st level (Assistant) you can just make 2 types of brooms (but all colors).

  • The second level enables to produce all kinds of brooms. With each level you can earn more from selling brooms.

Ways to sell a broom:

1.  In Sim's inventory (simple drag and drop)

2. Hang a broom on the wall, click on it - there is an interaction to sell it, then you choose Sim to whom you sell a broom.  (You can sell a broom only to other wizards.) 

3. If you have brooms in your inventory, click on Sim to whom you want to sell a broom, there will be directly new interaction.  (You can sell a broom only to other wizards.) 

*If you have Get to work, you can of course open a store, but... selling brooms there will not complete the task :( so you'll need to additionally sell brooms using 3 ways described above. I don't know why, nor how to make it working...

If you are tired of making brooms all the time, you can just go to work by disappearing in rabbit hole ;) 

Have fun!