Children Aspirations Bundle

Updated: Oct 19

Here's another part of my Improved Children project :) I wanted to release it earlier, but patch destroyed my plans :D

Requires only Base Game for 3 aspirations and for one aspiration - Kids Room Stuff pack.

With this mod you get 4 new aspirations for children:

1. Little Entrepreneur - your youngest Sim wants to earn some first money :D

For this aspiration use my One time jobs for Children

2. School Star - choose afterschool activity, learn new hobby, it can be playing instrument, singing, dancing etc. And finally win School Talent Contest :)

For this aspiration I recommend to use my Afterschool Activities mod, however it should work with any available activity - also custom ones done by other modders :)

To complete tasks of winning contest - you can user either rabbit hole interaction, or event Talent Contest.