Club Activities for Fans (Get Famous)

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

With those new club activities, you can now create Club specifically for Fans that would admire celebrities, ask them for autographs, hugs, selfies etc.

Added activities:

- Ask For Autograph

- Talk About Celebrities (includes both interactions: Share Excitement and Whisper About Celebrity)

- Interact With Celebrities (all special interactions with celebrities, such as Ask For Hug, Ask For Selfie, Exclaim Adoration, Ask About Interests, Imply Attraction and others)

- View Celebrity Tile

- Watch Award Ceremony

- Ask For Photo With Celebrity

I intentionally created separately 2 activities : asking for photos and asking for autographs, and one activity that is combining these both and much more. So you can customize it a little in your game. Maybe your Sims are crazy Simstagramers and doesn't care about autographs, but love to have selfies with celebrities? Maybe other way around? :) Who knows, use it as you want :)

Requires The Sims 4 Base Game, Get Together and Get Famous Expansion!




French added thanks to Kimiko Soma

Chinese added by MuMu

Portuguese added thanks to Amanda Sanches


This mod does not override any file, so should not cause any conflicts.


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Google Drive

This mod is free, but if you want to support my work, you can become my Patreon.


Check here if this mod is compatible with newest patch.

Change log:

18/05/2020 - Chinese added

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