Genius Teens Can Apply & Enroll To University Anytime

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

If your teenage Sim has trait Genius - with this mod they can now apply and successively enroll to university even immediately after joining high school.

Now, I now there is a cheat that enables joining university for teens... but I wanted to make it available with "official process" :D So applying, waiting in a stress and finally getting a letter :D No shortcuts here! ;)

There are 2 versions available after extracting:

1) GeniusTeenCanEnrollToUniversity - this one allows it only for teens that have Genius Trait

2) Genius-OR-A-GradeTeenCanEnrollToUniversity - this one allows to apply/enroll to university to teens that either

a) have Genius Trait

b) OR/AND finished primary school with A Grade

c) OR/AND reached A Grade in High School.

Each all these options will give possibility to apply to university.

Leave only 1 file!

Compatible with December patch: PC

Requires The Sims 4 Base Game and Discover University EP!

Conflicts: This mod overrides following file:




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