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Updated: Jun 7

I have 3 aspirations for you. First one - Hardcore Gamer - focused entirely on playing and winning games, and second one - Bookworm on reading and buying books. 3rd - Movie maniac aspiration focuses on watching TV. One of the task is to complete Movie Event, so make sure you have my mod or KawaiiStacie mod :)

This time I wanted to create aspirations focused only on fun, without involving career, making money, being famous etc. Firstly I wanted to add them to teens aspirations, but finally I decided to make new category for them - Hobby.

All 3 aspirations require only base game. If you have Movie Hangout SP, you can also watch movies from this pack for Movie Maniac aspiration.


  • English (by me, default)

  • Polish (by me)

  • French (by Kimiko Soma)

  • Dutch (by Kimberley)

  • Spanish by Mine (also known as Nerea)

  • Chinese (by Shiloh - https://www.sglynp.com/suid-558847)


Mod is not overriding any file so should not cause any conflicts.





Change log:

07/06/2022 - updated English strings for pronouns update

02/10/2021 - Added separeted menus (within Friendly category) for all interactions from these aspirations. It will be now easier to find my interactions in the list :)

21/07/2021 - Update for patch 20th of July

29/05/2021 – Update for patch from 27th of May (adding preference system to interactions)

12/05/2021 - some of you asked me if custom interactions, that come with this mod, can be locked only for this aspiration. I managed to do it, I created 2nd version of this mod, where all interactions get unlocked once your Sim complete 1st phase of the aspiration. I left also previous version, if anyone wants to have all interactions unlocked for all Sims. Choose one option.


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