Master Duelist Career

Updated: May 9

Requires Realm of Magic.

I can finally give you Master Duelist career that opens many doors actually in your magic career!

It's semi-active career, so you can accept assigments and "work from home", if you can call it this way when talking about dueling...

There are 4 paths that you can follow once promoted to stage 7:

  • Famous Artifacts Hunter - you don't do duels if you have no benefits out of it ;)

  • Famous Warlock Hunter - you decide to fight with dark magic of this world!

  • The Great Sage - you prefer to focus on mentoring other Sims how to duel.

  • Untameable Warlock - black magic won your heart.

Separately from career I added 2 new duels:

  • Duel for Money - if you win a duel, you win money. But not to make it too simple, if you lose a duel, you also lose money.

  • Duel to The Death - either you or your opponent dies after losing. No mercy. So better have familiar with you which can protect you from death. (Although I admit, I forgot to test if resurrection for sure works, so please save the game before using ^^)

You don't need to be in this career to use them.

What else?

Career should be compatible with custom mischief spells mods. If you have a task to cast a mischief spell on another Sim, it should work with custom spells as well. But of course there might be mods I don't know about, so those will not complete the task.

Have fun and don't overuse Duel to The Death ;)


Conflicts: Mod is not overriding anything so should cause no conflicts.


Check here if this mod is compatible with newest patch.





Change log:

09/05/2022 - fix for Duel to the Death (now works also for NPCs)

02/02/2022 - "Duel for Mastery Spells" now counts for daily and promotion tasks. It's from this mod: Mod The Sims - Sage of Mastery Magic + Mastery Spells + Ghost Butler + Alchemy (

24/07/2021 - updated for July 20th patch

22/12/2020 - in Sage career path I changed one of the objectives (as it was pointed out to me, once Spellcaster know all spells, they can’t duel for knowledge, which I didn’t know). Now this objective will be simply to win any duel.

14/11/2020 - updated for November patch and prepared compatibility for Magic School

09/10/2020 - Fix for duels interactions: now they are available only for witch sims, not normal sims.


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