My Own Business Aspiration

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This mod was promised to my friend so long time ago and I am so happy I finally finished it! I hope it will enhace a bit your gameplay for retail system, as it did for me. The mod is adjusted for retail system, but also for restaurants and vet clinics. If EA will add in the future any other ownable business, I will for sure adjust my mod.

Requires The Sims 4 Base Game and at least 1 from following packs:

Get to Work (for retail) OR Dine Out (for restarurants) OR Cats and Dogs (for clinic)


1. Opening a Start-up Open a Startup Greet 5 Clients Perform Business Interactions 15 Times 2. Building a Network Hire New Employee Have Earned $25,000 Greet 15 Clients 3. Recruiting Manager Hire Next 2 Employees Praise or Criticize an Employee 15 Times Promote or Train Employees 5 Times Perform Business Interactions 50 Times 4. Successful Entrepreneur Perform Business Interactions 100 Times Manage Employees 25 Times Have Earned $75,000


Startup Funding Program - Meet required conditions and get SimCity funding for Best Start-up!


English and Polish

Russian (Annie Hugss)

French  (Kimiko Soma)

Chinese (MuMu )

Italian (by SimsPhoria)

Portuguese (by Ana Júlia)

Dutch (by Blobbie Blob)

Spanish (by Nerea Lasa)


This mod doesn't override existing files so should not conflict with other Sims 4 mods.


Patreon release: 16/05/2020



This mod is free, but if you want to support my work, you can become my Patreon.


Check here if this mod is compatible with newest patch.

Change logs:

5/08/2022 - updated for July 26th patch

07/06/2022 - updated English strings for pronouns update

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