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A friend asked me for a YouTuber aspiration, this is how this one started :) And I had so much fun when creating it, that eventually I expanded the idea, and in the end it is an aspiration combining social media possibilities :) So let your Sim start Social Media career, record new videos, stream and gain followers, and you will be awarded ;)

Requires The Sims 4 Base Game, City Living and Get Famous Expansion!


1) Excited Newbie

* Study Trends 3 Times

* Respond To Comments 3 Times

* Upload Videos 3 Times

* Join Social Media Career

2) Followers Collector

* Advertise Product via Social Media 3 Times

* Stream 5 Times

* Update Social Media Status 30 Times

* Join the Internet Personality Branch of the Social Media Career

3) Trend Setter

* Achieve Level 5 Media Production Skill

* Edit Videos 10 Times

* Upload Videos with Best Quality 5 Times

* Receive an Award

4) Famous SimTube Vlogger

* Become a 5 Star Celebrity

* Complete 24-Hours Charity Stream

* Have 30 000 000 Followers

* Reach the Top of Social Media Career

Reward Trait : Credible Simfluencer - Sims with Credible Simfluencer trait get most of services for free (Star Treatment perk features were used here, so if you complete this aspiration, you don't need separetely this perk), receive 2 additional fame points and sometimes get from various companies some products for free to review (first comes after few days, so please be patient ;) ).


English and Polish

French translation added thanks to Kimiko Soma

Chinese added thanks to xkx

Portuguese added thanks to ArturLira

Russian added by Annie Hugss

Italian added by SimsPhoria

Dutch (by GothiqeSimmer)

Spanish (by Nerea Lasa)


Main mod override the files:

E882D22F-0000001B-000000000002EFCB (VideoStation_Editing_Upload)

E882D22F-0000001B-000000000002FDF2 (si_VideoStation_CharityStream) 0C772E27-0000001B-000000000002FE21 (loot_Fame_Perk_Brand_AllNighter_CharityStream_Complete)


Sim File Share

Google Drive

This mod is free, but if you want to support my work, you can become my Patreon.


Check here if this mod is compatible with newest patch.

Change logs:

5/08/2022 - updated for July 26th patch

21/07/2021 - Update for patch 20th of July

29/05/2021 – Update for patch from 27th of May (adding preference system to interactions)

30/01/2020 - Russian translation added by Annie Hugss

11/11 - Portuguese added

12/10 - Chinese added

25/09 - French translation added thanks to Kimiko Soma

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