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True Philanthropist Aspiration

Updated: Mar 4

True Philanthropist Aspiration is all about good deeds, charity, volunteering, activist work, and excellent reputation.

This aspiration requires Get Famous expansion pack and Parenthood game pack. Optional packs used in this mod: Eco Lifestyle, City Living.

There are 4 stages:

1. Nice Person

2. Eager Activist

3. Charity Enthusiast

4. True Philanthropist

As reward your Sim gets :

  • Community Benefactor trait, thanks to which you can donate to charity almost any item from inventory (Sim inventory or household), using computer.

  • Compassionate trait (if you didn't have it already)

  • A looooot of fame

I created an addon for this mod which adds also objectives for joining and maxing out Charity Organizer Branch (in Politician Career added in City Living expansion pack). I thought it's not mandatory to work as Activist to be philantropist, so it's optional.



Change log:

03/03/2024 - updated for the Patch from 27th of February (1.105.297) and compatible with Hotfix from 28th of February.

16/12/2023 - updated with small tweaks after Patch Dec 5th.

7/02/2023 - updated for January 31st patch

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