Rejection Letter from University Possible!

Updated: May 19

Compatible with April patch

Now with this mod for sims 4 it's possible to get rejected from university!

I must admit this mod was not the easiest one and I made a lot of tests until I found solution that satisfied me :D

But most importantly - I hope it will satisfy you!

And remember - if you get rejection letter - you can always try to apply again after some time :) But make sure you have 3 skills below at decent level to get accepted, don't forget it has also an impact ;)

How it works?

Will you get acceptance or rejection letter? - the result is based on several factors:

1) grades at school - if you were bad student with low grades during your school life - it's more possible you will get rejected from university, at least with the first try (or always). So F and D make increase chances to get rejected. And A and B increase the chances to be accepted.

2) traits - there are certain traits that increase the chance of getting acceptance or rejection letter:

You have more chance to get to university with traits:

  • Genius - if you are Genius - you will always be accepted now

  • Bookworm

  • Perfectionist

  • Ambitious

  • Creative

You have more chance to get rejection letter with traits:

  • Goofball

  • Clumsy

  • Lazy

3) Skills - I took into consideration 3 skills that I consider as basic ones in real life : Charisma, Logic, Writing

  • If you have level 0-1 of those skills - you have bigger chance to get rejection letter.

  • If you have level 2-4 - you have more chances to get accepted.

  • If you have level 5-10 of at least one of those skills - you should always get acceptation letter (added in v3).

It can happen that if you don't have any boosters mentioned above - you will get rejected at first. Don't worry, if you want to be accepted, just try apply again after some time. But see first if there is anything you can improve - like for example skills.

When I tested it, I had for example Sim that finished High Shool with F. He got rejection letter. When I incresed his skills to level 4 (Charisma, Logic, Writing) - he got accepted then. So now even being the worst school student should not exclude you from university forever - if only you work on skills.

I think now it's more balanced. But if you still find it too easy or too rigorous, let me know.

Compatible with December patch: PC

Requires The Sims 4 Base Game and Discover University EP!




French thanks to Maiagame

Chinese thanks to egureh

Portuguese added thanks to Amanda Sanches

Russian added thanks to Julia


This mod overrides following file:




Sim File Share

Google Drive

This mod is free, but if you like my work, please support me and buy me a coffee :)

Change log:

19/05/2020 - v3 (more predictability added - I changed points for skills and in general I changed slightly the architecture of code, so it is more stable now and more predictable what the result will be) + Russian translation added

20/01/2020 - Updated for January patch: PC:

24/11 V.2 release - small rework:

- You will also get now letter to your mailbox when rejected from university

- I changed multipliers and some requirements - so it's not that difficult now, details in description updated.

Mod review by Miss Mani

Mod review by Nicole

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