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Updated: Mar 24

Mod is adding afterschool activity for Children and Teens, and also for students that joined University.

1. There are 2 branches: for Journalist (writer) and for Photographer.

2. There are tasks to complete at each level such as: Write an Interview, Write Event Coverage, Take Photo during Event. To write an interview you actually need first to do an interview. Not each interview will give you material for the article. For most of objectives you'll find tooltips explaining what to do to complete the task.

3. While taking part in the activity, your Sim learns social and creative skills (children), charisma, and writing or photography, if older. 

4. Last level of the career is Internship at local Newspaper and there finally you'll earn some money. Not too much though, it's still just internship.

5. When you are at the university, you can also start Newspaper career - this time it's College Newspaper and it's only for students. I added this option because I was missing someting like that for students from Communication department and similar.

Known issues:

  • Interaction "Do an Interview" sometimes dissapears from the queue before Sim starts it, I don't know why, maybe it's just game's fault. If it happens, just choose it again.

  • Kids when using computer and writing articles, they tend to be distracted by other activities and do not complete the task... It's very frustrating but again, it seems like game behaviour (well... in real life it's quite the same with kids, isn't it?). It helped to switch off free will :D

Maybe it's just me having those issues because of tones of mods I use, but anyway I inform you guys how to deal with such problems if you have them.


Mod is not overriding any in-game files. 

It does not require any expansion, Discover University is completely optional and will unlock College Newspaper option. 


Check here if this mod is compatible with newest patch.





Change log:

25/03/2021 - fixed issues with submitting photo or article

14/11/2020 - updated for November patch


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